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Our Founder

Meet Laura Currie Ryder

I’m a strategic communicator with a business mindset who gets things done. Twenty years as a PR and corporate communications professional include a decade of agency experience and senior VP roles, both in profit and not-for-profit organizations, across industries and globally. My speciality areas are strategic planning, reputation building, crisis and issues management and media relations. 

From my work experience comes a strong conviction that good, clear communications can turn most obstacles into opportunities and having the right mix of seniority and skills has a direct impact on a business’ success. 

Geminosity was founded to respond to a need I saw for a new approach to building communications support that is fit for purpose. 

I love this work and I’m ready to hop into the parachute at any time. I hope we'll have the chance to work together. 


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Life before Geminosity

Prior to founding Geminosity:

  • Principal of LCR Communications 

  • VP, Marketing & Communications, Right To Play International

  • General Manager & Managing Director, Edelman Brussels 

  • SVP, Corporate Practice, Edelman Toronto 

  • Established a global network of communication professionals with whom I collaborate

Career highlights:

  1. Won and implemented the EU’s first pan-European climate campaign: “CHANGE”

  2. Parachuted into Geneva to handle media for Ont Govt visit to WHO during SARS

  3. Worked with Chiquita International as they went from vilified to transparent CSR pioneers

  4. Successfully managed multi-day crisis between Greenpeace and Suncor.

  5. Brokered a moratorium on clearing Sumatran forests between WWF and forester April Management.

  6. Carried out crisis response simulations to plan for explosions, spills, kidnappings, product recalls.

  7. International media relations, social media and consumer campaigns at three Olympic Games: Beijing (2008), Canada (2010) and London (2012).

  8. Provided communications strategy to Waterfront Toronto on Sidewalk Labs proposals for Toronto.

  9. Worked with Toronto Police Services to modernize their communications function.

  10. Advised The United Church of Canada on reshaping and optimizing the role of its communications department.

Our Clients

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