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Women Colleagues

About Our Services

Working with Geminosity, we provide flexible options to resource, build, or enhance your communications function in a way that supports the goals of your organization.

Extension of Your Team


Bring on a senior comms advisor and doer to your team. Whether you need to develop a communications strategy, manage an issue in the media, or add a communications perspective to a lean leadership team, we can provide the right level of expertise and advice. We’ll also roll up our sleeves and draft a speech, pitch a story to media or develop a content plan and get things done. 

Hold Down the Fort


We parachute our execs in during transition phases to act as Head of Communications and oversee the current team and work underway. Or bring in cover for a senior comms person who has been seconded on a long-term project or is taking personal leave for any reason.

Subject Matter Expert


We’ll seamlessly join your existing team and come on board to play a senior comms role on a project that requires specific skills and experience.

Our Approach

We consult with our clients on the best fit.

We work together in three ways.

Two people in one budget

The Island model is an innovative way to optimize your communications budget. If you’re a small to medium size business or going to scale you may need a senior communicator but not at full-time capacity. Perhaps you need two people but have budget for one. Whatever the challenge, Geminosity can provide the senior support at the capacity you need.

Two people in one role

Work with Geminosity to support employee wellbeing while solving for business interruption. Geminosity execs share roles with other senior communicators, so your employee can take the leave they need.






Two heads are better than one

Our experts come on board to respond to a specific need or challenge within your organization. Our clients benefit from our broad knowledge of the communications discipline, decades of supporting hundreds of clients and their various needs and a keen awareness of the capabilities and skills required for each situation.

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